Brandy Walters Alexander

We Are Awaiting Your Breakthrough

I help you bring yourself to life with a unique mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence toolset that shatters limitation, awakens your inner creator, and lifts you to your highest potential.

As we embrace new changes in our inner and outer worlds, we are being asked to redefine what leadership looks like. What does it mean to lead oneself? What does it mean to lead others? Is everyone a leader? Is everyone a creator? The answers are all YES. Whether you are currently in a leadership role or aspire to strengthen your personal or professional leadership skills, my coaching is designed to lift you to your highest expression of innate leadership and creatorship, helping you to:

  • Free yourself from limitation and write new rules for success
  • Lead with breakthrough confidence, ease and results in life and work
  • Unleash your gifts and superpowers to realize your full potential and align with your authenticity
  • Understand yourself, others and the world in a completely new way
  • Adopt a new way of being that empowers and expands possibilities

When one person becomes free from limitation, the ripple effect changes many lives for the better. When many break free, we rechart the course of human history!

Who I Work With

I work with individuals and teams who:

  • Want to grow their leadership ability and strengths, and have greater impact in life and work
  • Are ready to do the inner work to move beyond limitation and cultural programming
  • Have a high sense of responsibility to themselves and others, with a desire to create in ways that benefit all
  • Accept the value in the wisdom of both science and spirituality
  • Are curious and open to the new, with a drive to continue learning and growing

About Me

My inner alarm sounded in early 2012, setting off a series of events that would mark the beginning of a 7-year cycle of intense loss, healing and transformation, culminating in a Kundalini activation in 2016. From that point, everything began to change inside and outside of me. I had so many questions. My soul longed to uncover a deeper truth about humanity: Who are we? Why are we here?

Over the next two years, I researched relentlessly, reading more than 150 books on mysticism, spirituality, cosmic studies, meta and quantum physics, the human energy field, ancient and universal law, nature of consciousness and ascension. Everything I took in held a small piece of the puzzle. Yet, there were few resources that offered both a comprehensive framework for understanding who we are and why we are here during this extraordinary time, as well as a practical, actionable plan to help make the shift to becoming our best selves in everyday life.

In 2018, after 20 years in strategic consulting, marketing, branding, writing and problem-solving in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, I set out to marry my professional background with the learnings from my research on consciousness and my own life experience. The result was the creation of this web site and a natural shift in my professional focus. Today, I help you lift to your highest potential by teaching and coaching a mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence toolset that helps you bring yourself to life.

Brandy Alexander
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Brandy Walters Alexander

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