Brandy Walters Alexander

The Narrative of Empowered Living, Loving and Leading

I am a business writer, client partner and coach bringing 25 years’ strategic marketing communications experience to those who seek to shape an empowering, uplifting narrative for themselves and their teams and more fully express from their authentic voice and heart.

Who I Work With

My executive leadership clients understand how clear communications delivered through a dynamic narrative excite, motivate, engage and lift people to align and achieve greatness together:

  • Create clear communications with definitive calls to action
  • Distill complex concepts into simple messages or visuals
  • Achieve consistent, professional leadership voice, tone and directive
  • Articulate authentic voice and speak from the heart
  • Amplify team spirit and engagement through gratitude, appreciation, acknowledgement

My professional resume and career development clients understand personal branding and know the words they use become the narrative for selling their talent, differentiating their offering, and making an awesome first impression through tailored professional resume, bio and LinkedIn presence and strategic talking points:

  • Strategically align career deliverables to an aspiring role
  • Increase chances of getting an interview and job offer
  • Validate skills and accomplishments and instill self-confidence
  • Further develop and nurture gifts and superpowers

My spiritual teaching and coaching clients want to activate their highest human potential by examining and rewriting their inner narrative of personal beliefs and gaining new perspectives on living and loving that are grounded in a framework of vibrational science, principles of spiritual integrity, and laws of the universe.

  • Recognize and rewrite limiting beliefs and thought patterns
  • Recognize and shift negative emotional patterns
  • Use all life experience as lessons for spiritual development
  • Live with greater loving
  • Shift from outer obedience to inner authority

Sound interesting? Let’s talk. I’d love to hear from you.

Credit: Robyn Graham Photography

Brandy Walters Alexander

Shaping the Narrative for Empowered Living, Loving and Leading