Activate Your Highest Potential

8-Week Training and Coaching Program

For individuals and teams who want to discover and tap the extraordinary power of leadership and creatorship that lies within, I offer a combination of teaching and coaching that delivers the mental, emotional and spiritual intelligence toolset you will use as your new personal and professional framework for living an empowered life. This new framework leverages the wisdom of metaphysics, philosophy, psychology and spirituality. We meet once weekly via video conference. All material is permanently housed in a private, shared browser environment that you can access any time.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to:

Week 1:   Expand into a wider understanding of yourself, the planet, and your life on Earth

Week 2:   See the world through a new perspective

Week 3:   Manage and maintain your highest personal vibration

Week 4:   Align with your higher self, attune to your inner voice, and command your energy

Week 5:   Use the creative field around you to shape your reality

Week 6:   Recognize and transmute pain, fear, negativity and separation

Week 7:   Understand the shift to higher consciousness and recognize it in yourself and others

Week 8:   Create a higher, more uplifted reality for yourself and others at home and at work


Though the course topics are intended to be delivered in succession, you may choose as many or as few sessions as you like, or choose specific sessions of interest from the above list. Individual session cost is $250. Choose 4 sessions (weeks) at $225/session, or the full 8 weeks for $1,659. Contact me with questions, or to discuss ways we can customize the training to your team or company.

Beginning January 2022, I will offer the full 8-week training in a small, virtual classroom setting. The cost for the classroom-based program is $1,659. Sign up to be notified when enrollment opens.

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