Reach Your Highest Potential

17 Lessons is a 6-week, self-directed e-Course designed to help you become free  from limited thinking that can block you from achieving your full potential. I built this training program based on metaphysical wisdom combined with my personal ongoing journey from awakening to ascension. Now more than ever, as we struggle to discern outer truth, we must turn the authority to within, where truth has always existed.

This training is for you if you are:

  • Experiencing one or more wake-up calls in your life. Not sure what that means? Read complimentary Lesson #1
  • Tired of the ongoing plethora of “solutions” offered in the public space for achieving happiness and what you desire in life
  • Ready to take personal ownership to attract more positivity in your life experience
  • Prepared to begin deliberately and intentionally creating your life experiences

What to Expect

17 Lessons helps you expand self-awareness and recognize ways in which you have been unknowingly limiting how you look at yourself, the world and what is possible. It is designed to help you:

  • Recognize and release thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns that keep you stuck
  • Use your everyday life experiences and relationships as a platform for present-moment learning and growth
  • Recognize ways in which victim mentality blocks your personal empowerment
  • Harness your creator abilities to attract your ideal life
  • Cultivate greater self-love and compassion and live from your heart
  • Open to experiencing the freedom, vitality, abundance and joy that are your birthright


17 Lessons gets to the root of how and why we suffer in life. When you learn to reframe the script that you live by, you change the lens through which you see yourself, other people and the world. Free of pain, fear and negativity, you become aligned to your own personal empowerment. This is divine being. From this inner place of awareness, you position yourself to experience infinite possibilities and attract your best life.

How it Works

  • 17 Lessons is delivered in six modules, with one training module released each week for six weeks through a password-protected training dashboard.
  • Each weekly module includes 3 lessons with the exception of Module 4, which includes 2 lessons.
  • Each week’s lessons target a single topic and include specific strategies and actions you can apply to your life by exploring  (1) a written overview and explanation of the topic (option to read or listen); (2) illustration of key concepts through tables and occasional graphics; and (3) exercises and meditations.
  • Each lesson concludes with a journal exercise that poses questions to help you reflect on, integrate and apply the teachings. Journaling, by handwriting or typing, is an important part of the integration process, as your mind and hand close the loop with your thought stream and intent to grow.

See below for a description of each weekly module:

Week 1: Awaken to the Remembrance of Who You Are

In this module, you will ground your understanding of what it means to awaken to your full potential, learn how to recognize your personal shift to higher consciousness, explore the meaning of consciousness expansion, and learn how to begin letting go so you can open yourself to receiving the gifts you are being shown through your life experiences. Take a peek at Module 1, Lesson #1.

Week 2: Recognize Limiting Narratives and Rewrite the Script

This module will guide you to explore and reframe mindset limitations, examine your personal agreements about reality, and help you see the ways in which all life experiences—especially those perceived as negative—are learning in disguise.

Week 3: Heal, Integrate and Release What No Longer Serves

Module 3 will help you begin revising low-vibrational mental programming that often originate when we are very young. You will learn how to take accountability for what you feel, and to detach and lovingly release feelings and relationships that no longer serve you.

Week 4: Expand into Unconditional Love

In this module you will learn how self-love is the root of all love, and a critical piece of your success in life. You will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to love yourself, and how loving your other selves (other people) can help you expand into a unity mindset and align to your highest potential.

Week 5: Master the Tools of Creation

Module 5 will teach you how to create a clear and positive signal to the quantum field of possibility through your thoughts and language, and will help you understand what it means to be a responsible creator, including avoiding pitfalls that distract you from present moment being, where all the magic of manifestation takes place.

Week 6: Live from Your Upgraded Reality

The sixth and final module will help you ground into your new reality—one that is characterized by beliefs, thoughts and language that work to your and others’ benefit. You will learn how to monitor and maintain your high vibrational frequency, and receive important guidance on how to use your inner knowing as your sole (and soul) compass in life.


17 Lessons is offered at the fee level you would like to pay based on the value you wish to receive from the training. Please contact me at for next steps.

Participation includes password-protected access to the training dashboard. 17 Lessons is browser-based and requires an Internet connection.

All material in this training course is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute professional medical, financial or mental health professional services, diagnosis or advice. The information in this course is not intended to serve as a replacement for professional counseling or psychotherapy. Use of the information in this course is done so at the student’s discretion.

Take a peek at Module 1: Read or Listen.

“If you are considering opening your heart and mind, I encourage you to delve into this course. It helped me reassess my worldview, reconsider my place within it, and manage my priorities in a way that is so much more effective for me and, interestingly, for those around me. If you are willing, the results will follow.”

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