Your Personal Transformation eCourse

Your ascension will redefine who you once thought you were. You will be nudged to examine the lifelong behaviors, beliefs and paradigms you have used to frame your reality. And as you gradually shed what no longer serves, you will increasingly turn within, where the brilliance of your own inner truth, strength and knowing is found. All answers are found within, and are already there. You are simply on a quest to unlock the keys that give you access.

For those of us walking this path, it’s a journey of wonder, courage and faith. Personal and spiritual growth takes commitment and the will to persevere through experiences and choices that can feel both difficult and painful. It does not happen overnight, but is a journey unique to each individual. As the inevitable growing pains surface—though they may threaten in the moment to upend you—you will eventually open and surrender to the flow, graciously accepting that the wisdom your soul seeks can only come through challenge on the physical plane. There will come a time when you will look back on your path to see that each hardship was a perfectly orchestrated stepping stone in your divine unfoldment: a meaningful door that needed to open in order for your light to be amplified, obliterating every darkness, and illuminating the way to the awesome magnificence that is the divine remembrance of who you are.

17 Lessons is a 6-week, self-directed e-Course designed to help you free yourself from blocks to higher consciousness, accelerate your rise in the ascension journey and help empower you to become the highest version of you. This intensive training program is based on three years of spiritual and metaphysical research, combined with my personal life experience and ascension journey. I created for you what I wish I had when I awakened and began searching for answers.

This training is for you if you are:

  • Experiencing one or more spiritual wake-up calls. Not sure what that is? Read complimentary Lesson #1
  • Tired of repeating patterns of unfulfilling, painful and/or dysfunctional relationships
  • Ready to stop denying, hiding from and protecting your pain and take an honest look at what is blocking you from having, being and doing what you want
  • Desiring the greater meaning and purpose that your soul longs for
  • Committed to fully owning your experiences, actions and outcomes
  • Prepared to finally “do the work”
  • Involved in a twin flame relationship Learn more about Twin Flames

What to Expect

17 Lessons offers a practical road map and tools to help you navigate your awakening and ascension so that you can rise quickly, with greater direction and clarity. The training aims to open doors to self-awareness, helping you recognize ways in which you have been limiting your own consciousness expansion. It is designed to help you:

  • Recognize and release low-vibrational thoughts, beliefs and emotional patterns that keep you stuck in separation consciousness
  • Use your everyday life experiences and relationships as a platform for deep, present-moment learning and growth
  • Recognize ways in which victim mentality blocks your path to personal empowerment
  • Harness your creator abilities to attract your ideal life
  • Cultivate greater self-love and compassion and live from your heart
  • Open to experiencing the freedom, vitality, abundance and joy that are your birthright
  • Navigate the shift with greater ease


17 Lessons gets to the root of how and why we suffer in all aspects of life. When you learn to recognize and eliminate limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotional patterns, you change the lens through which you see yourself, other people and the world. Free of pain, fear and negativity, you become a pure channel to your most purposeful and fulfilling self. This is divine being. From this sacred place, you position yourself to experience infinite possibilities, where a light-filled mind and an overflowing heart naturally attract your best life

How it Works

  • 17 Lessons is delivered in six modules, with one training module released each week for six weeks through a password-protected training dashboard.
  • Each weekly module includes 3 lessons with the exception of Module 4, which includes 2 lessons.
  • Within the weekly module, each lesson targets a single topic, and includes specific strategies and actions you can take for accelerating your ascension journey through (1) a written overview and explanation of the topic (option to read or listen); (2) illustration of key concepts through tables and occasional graphics; and (3) exercises and meditations.
  • Each lesson concludes with a journal exercise featuring questions to help you reflect on, integrate and apply the teachings. Merely thinking about the questions will deliver limited value; journaling, by handwriting or typing, is an important part of the process, as your mind and hand close the loop with your thought stream and intent to heal and grow. The act of writing helps to reveal aha moments, tease out your biggest opportunities for personal growth, and connect the dots in your learning process.

See below for a description of each weekly module:

Week 1: Awaken to the Remembrance of Who You Are

In this module, you will ground your understanding of awakening and ascension, learn how to recognize your personal shift, explore the meaning of consciousness expansion, and learn how to begin letting go so you can open yourself to receiving the gifts you are being shown through your life experiences. Take a peek at Module 1, Lesson #1.

Week 2: Recognize Limiting Narratives and Rewrite the Script

This module will guide you to explore and reframe the limitations of the 3D matrix, examine your personal agreements about reality, and help you see the ways in which all life experiences—especially those perceived as negative—are learning in disguise.

Week 3: Heal, Integrate and Release What No Longer Serves

Module 3 will help you to begin releasing and healing limiting and low-vibrational ways of thinking and being that can go back to the first point of pain, when you were a small child. You will learn how to take accountability for what you feel, and to detach and lovingly release those feelings and relationships that no longer serve you.

Week 4: Expand into Unconditional Love

In this module you will learn how self-love is the root of all love, and a critical piece of your ascension journey. You will gain a deeper understanding of what it means to love yourself, and how loving your other selves (other people) can help you expand into unity consciousness and align to your highest expression.

Week 5: Master the Tools of Creation

Module 5 will teach you how to create a clear and positive signal to the quantum field of possibility through your thoughts and language, and will help you understand what it means to be a responsible creator, including avoiding pitfalls that distract you from present moment being, where all the magic of manifestation takes place.

Week 6: Live from Your Upgraded Reality

The sixth and final module will help you ground into your new reality—one that is characterized by beliefs, thoughts and language that work to your and others’ benefit. You will learn how to monitor and maintain your high vibrational frequency, and receive important guidance on how to use your inner knowing as your sole (and soul) compass in life.


17 Lessons is offered for a one-time fee of $1,225. The fee includes password-protected, lifetime access to the training dashboard. The fee also includes an optional, weekly group Q&A conference call where you can share your breakthroughs, insights and questions in a moderated forum with other participants. After completing the training, you can continue to dial in to the Q&A session to listen and participate for however long you wish. 17 Lessons is browser-based and requires an Internet connection.

All material in this training course is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute professional medical, financial or mental health professional services, diagnosis or advice. The information in this course is in no way intended to serve as a replacement for professional counseling or psychotherapy. Use of the information in this course is done so at the student’s discretion.

Take a peek at Module 1: Read or Listen.

“If you are considering opening your heart and mind, I encourage you to delve into this course. It helped me reassess my worldview, reconsider my place within it, and manage my priorities in a way that is so much more effective for me and, interestingly, for those around me. If you are willing, the results will follow.”

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