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From day one of our planet Earth arrival, we separate from our mother’s body as we are born into the world. And what do we do? We cry. In a sense, we never stop crying. Originating from higher realms where there is no separation, it’s jolting to be so individual: to have what appear to be solid physical boundaries that define you from others, and to feel a sense of separation from Source. As we grow older, the crying subsides, only to be replaced with complaining, blaming, judging, criticizing and manipulating. We lie to ourselves and to others. We wriggle and squirm in our seats in life, trying hard to avoid facing what hurts most inside. We keep on this way, expecting different results that don’t seem to ever arrive.

Waking up is a cosmic trumpet call to examine and rewrite your external and internal personal scripts, and to become accountable and responsible for who you are and what you are creating in life. Though it may not seem like it, we attract the life experiences that will help us heal, evolve and become masters at our emotions in the 3D. This is the hard work. Yet, with any hard work, there is great reward too. When we do this work, we liberate ourselves from illusion and limitation, and we climb higher—we ascend—in our personal frequency and in our collective evolution.

This course is designed to help you rise quickly. The goal is to open doors to new ways of thinking and being that create aha moments. As you move through each of the 6 modules over the next 6 weeks, you will have opportunities to identify and release key barriers to ascension, and develop the skills to begin creating from a place of empowerment instead of lack. Through the years of my life, I have observed the ways in which humanity struggles to be free and happy, and I have combined my observations with my own personal ascension and healing journey to create practical tools that can spark immediate transformation. As you do the work to navigate your personal shift, you make a commitment to yourself and to your spiritual journey. All it takes is courage to open up and out, and the will to surrender to your intuition.

Each of the 17 topics in this training includes written content, charts and tables to help consolidate and compare/contrast ideas. Each also includes journal questions to help you reflect on and apply the learning to your own life circumstances. Keeping a journal—either online or pen and paper—is wise and recommended so that you can capture your thoughts, ideas, questions and breakthroughs, and document your process for later reference. Most of all, have the mind of a child: be curious, exploratory, and open, always wondering, asking and learning.

While the intent of this training is to help you rise up, no single resource includes all the answers. Having an open mind leads to an expanded consciousness, especially if you are able to hold and maintain multiple, sometimes conflicting viewpoints at once without judgement. I encourage you to take what resonates and leave the rest behind. 

You are special, eternal, sacred and loved. Your capabilities go far beyond what you’ve been told to believe and think. There is nothing you cannot do, have or achieve. The only limitations to how high you rise are those you generate by yourself, inside your own mind, and those you choose to accept from outside sources. It’s all up to you.

In loving kindness,



I had a dream in which part of me died

On the outside my form was the same;
on the inside it had changed

There was no fear or desire,
no planning or fantasy,
thinking or remembering…

Only the rhythmic rise and fall of the chest
and blissful unattached existence