elevate your signal

The essence that is you is made up of your tangible, physical body, and energetic layers that you cannot see or touch. These physical and non-physical aspects intertwine to create the advanced energetic technology that is your human being here on Earth. Releasing blocks in each of these areas helps you raise your vibration, which is your individual energetic signal and your contribution to the collective planetary consciousness.

Raising your frequency starts with awareness. Use your inner feeling (intuition) to determine what feels good and what does not in your inner world and outer world experience. Which experiences, thoughts and feelings would you like more of? Which no longer serve and can be released? Tending to your energy—in all of its forms—creates space for next-level ideas, thoughts and feelings whose signatures correspond to higher vibrational states like freedom, abundance and joy. As you create more space in your energetic system, you evolve from heavy, dense and burdensome ways of being, and you reach ever-expanding states of higher consciousness, ruled by greater love and light.

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Go Within

Though each of us is a replica of Creation itself, we have been blinded to our true Creator nature. Without inner knowing, we look for answers outside of us, becoming followers in how we think and act. We give our power away by allowing dark, service-to-self corporate entities, leaders and celebrities to influence, govern and guide us. Feeling lost, we accept states of lack, disempowerment and disease as natural and normal. However, these states are not natural. Awareness of the inner voice—the spirit—helps us find who we are once again. It delivers us back to the remembrance that our inner knowing is the beacon that leads to truth.

Embrace an Expanded Identity

When you recognize and reclaim your multidimensional expansiveness, you develop a wider context for comprehending the purpose of this 3D Earth experience as it relates to all possible experiences of reality in the infinite universe. We are all on assignment on Earth fulfilling our soul missions while we work to rise above separation consciousness and back to our remembrance of oneness with everything. This is the grand theme during this time of ascension and during this lifetime. All are watching and waiting for us to succeed. Be in the world but not of it, with one foot in 3D and one in the greater vision of 5D. Have faith that all is unfolding in perfect order.

Reclaim Your Creator Power

Your ability to use your mind and heart to create anything you want is your most powerful tool. When you visualize loving feelings and positive future realities, you send encoded light structures to the quantum field, which matches your imaginings to manifested material reality and experiences. Love and positivity lifts everyone. Simply by being present with the vibration of joy, love, kindness and peace in your heart, you contribute to the solution instead of perpetuating the problem. Drop negative creations (fear, worry, doubt), rekindle the creative imagination and wonder you had as a child, and watch your reality shift to match the rising frequency of your uplifting thoughts and feelings.

Honor the Body

The body is your highly intelligent cosmic vehicle that enables your soul to have a physical, Earth experience. The quality of the thoughts you think, the feelings you hold, the air you breathe, and the food, drink and substances you take in directly impacts your frequency. When you choose to reject the false narrative that your body is too fat, too skinny, or otherwise unacceptable, and instead choose to love, admire and appreciate your body beginning with nourishing thoughts, you move beyond the low vibration of shame and lack. Coming into right relationship with your body, you have more energy, look younger and feel happier. As a result, you will not only weigh less, but also become a vessel for holding and anchoring more light (higher vibrational frequencies) onto the Earth.

Obey the Body

The body is continuously giving you signals regarding what it needs to achieve optimal performance. Whether it’s asking for a certain nutrient available in a specific food (something your body knows innately), indicating thirst or sleep, or signaling that a situation is causing stress through tense neck muscles, listening to and obeying the sensations of your body maintains your alignment. On the other hand, when you overindulge in excess or ignore signs from your body you deplete your life force and stress the energetic system. Identifying and releasing behaviors that are destructive to your body— like addictions and compulsions (and associated pain, shame and guilt)—helps you rise up and feel your best.

Nourish and Cleanse the Body

Nourish your body with the same attention and care you would give to a small child. Think positive thoughts and be gentle with your body. Take action when you don’t feel well. Address health concerns that create worrisome thoughts. Keep your outer body clean and your inner body working optimally with periodic internal cleanses that can renew accumulated waste from processed food and exposure to unescapable contaminants in our air, food and water, and in the products we use. Lastly, breathe. Every time you consciously and deeply move the breath through exercise or meditation, you nourish, cleanse and renew your body.

Be Living Love

To love without conditions is to be in complete acceptance, free of judgement or criticism. It means infinitely embracing the object of love exactly the way it is. Many of us grow up with distorted and limited examples of love that are wrought with conditions—the message is that you must look, think, talk, behave and express in certain ways to be accepted, included and considered worthy. Unconditional love is alignment with Source. When the heart space reverberates with that remembrance, the mind is at ease. No matter what happens on Earth, you belong dearly, eternally and infinitely to something much greater than what you are experiencing now and in this lifetime.

Love Yourself

To experience love in your outer world, you must first experience it in your inner world. In this way, the love you create just for you builds the foundation for all other life experiences. Treat yourself with respect, kindness, attention, caring, compassion and patience. Loving yourself means being forgiving and understanding, and doing what is best and right for you. It means recognizing, uplifting, empowering and encouraging yourself, and listening to and giving yourself what you need. It means accepting you all the time, and trusting that the best friend, companion and/or parent that you have always longed for is not found in someone else, but inside of you.

Love Your Other Selves

Other people are our other selves. As you shift, you move away from seeing others through the lens of separation. You recognize that there is no separation; your spouse, children, friends, family, neighbors and everyone you don’t know throughout the planet…each of these beings is another facet of Creation, making up the mass human consciousness in which we all participate. This high frequency idea—unity consciousness—is the key to 5D consciousness. With a unified approach to being, you focus on how you can use your thoughts, words, intentions and actions not only in ways that benefit you, but especially in ways that lift others. This dissolves the ego of “I’ orientation that we have been programmed to prioritize. Meanwhile, as each person increasingly evolves to a service-to-others way of being, destructive self-serving behaviors like greed, competition and control gradually decrease.

Engage the Power of the Heart

While the brain and its reasoning are the computer of your being, the heart hosts the sacred connection to Source. With every beat of the heart—which receives and processes emotional signals well before the brain—you connect with the radiant love center of the cosmos, which in turn, amplifies your compassion for self and other. By feeling positive emotions in the heart (like gratitude, appreciation, caring and love), you can elevate your frequency automatically. When you hold these emotions regularly in the heart space, you silently boost your own and others’ vibrations in powerful and positive ways, with a side effect of feeling happy and generating kindness wherever you go.

Develop Forgiveness

There is no benefit to holding onto grudges or punishing yourself or others for past events or actions. When you release the pain, fear and negativity around past hurts and forgive yourself and others, you release yourself from negative energy. Recognizing that we are all one human consciousness learning individually through experiences with one another develops compassion and elevates us all.

Master Your Emotions

Emotions are energy in motion: the currency that we share with others in all of our relationships. 3D Earth is designed for us to experience the full range of emotions that a human lifetime can offer. From shame and betrayal, to joy and enlightenment, it is all for our learning and growth. Noticing, navigating and mastering your emotions places you on the path to your highest growth. When you master your emotional landscape, take accountability for what you feel and release blaming others, you open yourself to peace, strength and fulfillment in your inner world, which is then mirrored in your outer world experiences.

Leverage Relationships for Healing

Though you may not be aware of it, you are drawing to you the experiences that provide the best opportunity to move beyond limitation and grow. Your unresolved issues attract relationships, circumstances and events that are designed to help you fulfill the work you came here for at the soul level. When you are triggered by someone else’s behavior, you are being given the opportunity to identify and explore an area that requires healing in you. For example, if you are learning to stand up for yourself, you may repeatedly attract others who bully you. You will attract this energy in different forms and relationships until you learn the lesson and rise above it. The opportunity to overcome painful patterns in your life lies exclusively with you and only you can change your life.

Make Peace with the Past

Negative emotions stuffed into the dark corners of the heart are not forgotten but dwell in the energetic bodies, distorting the lens through which you see yourself, others and the world. Many of us operate from painful stories that run deep in the subconscious psyche. Feeling afraid and unsafe to express difficult or negative feelings, our childhood selves buried pain and hurt, then carried those stories into our adult lives. Though the experiences that gave birth to the stories had long passed, the remaining wounds continue to burden our ability to fully heal, as they replay over and over again through adult relationships that attract the same energy of that original hurt. To heal it, we must be willing to face it, just for a moment, and to allow it to be seen, acknowledged and released once and for all. The profound and noble choice to heal yourself will lighten you tremendously and deliver you back into alignment with oneness, the way you were always intended to be.

Be in the Now

Reliving negative emotional states recalling and replaying past experiences or ruminating on fear-based imaginings of the future keeps you stuck in the lowest frequencies of pain, fear and negativity. You have no control over what has already happened, but you can steer your future experiences to the positive by focusing your mind and intent on the highest good. Practice staying in the present moment and remaining in a frame of mind characterized by flow, acceptance and surrender to the moment. When you do, you access the zero-point field of right now, unburdened by the stories of past hurts or imagined future fears.

Harness the Power of Your Mind

As the grand processor of the body, the mind takes input from inside and outside sources and makes sense of it against the backdrop of the programs you are running—your beliefs about what is true and real about yourself, others and the world. Simply by focusing your intention, you can shift from a reactive experience to a proactive one in which you steer your mind with positive thinking, taking you from the passive passenger’s seat to the driver’s seat in creating the experiences that you will attract in the now and future. The harnessed mind is at attention, always switched on and aware of thoughts and ideas continuously flowing in and out. That mind can then influence the creation of physical reality by weeding out thoughts that do not serve you.

Become Aware of Your Thoughts and Words

Under the influence of the false matrix and it’s fear-based program delivered through news, films, other media and music, the untamed mind darts about nervously, indulging in negative and destructive thoughts and creating the equivalent negative and destructive reality. Meanwhile, whether deliberate or not, thoughts are your signal to the quantum field of infinite possibility, broadcasting what you wish to bring about in your reality. Wherever you focus your attention, that is what you will receive. If you pay attention to pain and disease in your mind by worrying about those possibilities, you are likely to them. If you focus on healing, you are likely to experience healing. Turn negative thoughts into positive, and speak with intent, knowing that the words you use are the tools of creation that will deliver desired experiences into your future. All words, thought or spoken, will cast their spells by communicating to the quantum field through light codes that are embedded in the language. Be impeccable with your word.

Recognize the Illusion

As you and our planet rise in frequency, the veil becomes thinner, and the setup of the game of planet Earth is increasingly revealed. In the 3D frequency of the planet, everything is illusion, and it’s difficult to know truth on the outside. This is all the more reason to seek the truth on the inside, allowing you to stay in your center during the chaotic conclusion of the Age of Pisces and develop greater discernment of truth beyond the beliefs we have been conditioned to accept. Though the chaos can be shocking, and the process of accepting new truths disorienting, these feelings are temporary, and everything is going to be okay.

Understand Your Creator Responsibility

Harnessing the power of the mind is not only about learning to create a life that you want to live, but also about learning how to use your creativity to create outcomes that benefit everyone around you, in your home, work and community. This is the operative of high-frequency, service-to-others intent. Can you imagine a world where everyone is as concerned about others as they are about themselves? As we amplify our collective frequency and rise to the fifth dimension, we will co-create a New Earth that reflects the best and highest version of humanity, living in harmony with others and all beings on the planet.

Know Your Home Frequency

Your frequency is your energetic baseline, the vibration that you experience when you are neither happy nor sad, but neutral. Learn to check in on your frequency, and notice the kinds of people, circumstances or events that cause it to rise or dip. As you learn how to master your vibration by increasing your discernment with external stimuli, your baseline frequency gradually increases over time, in a process that is sometimes two steps forward, one step back. Be patient: you are losing density, integrating more light into your being and vibrating at a higher, faster, finer tone. When you become familiar with the subtleties of your own vibration, it’s easy to recognize when you need a lift.

Know What Lowers Your Frequency

Protecting your high frequency can mean removing yourself from people, places and circumstances that interfere and threaten to sabotage it. Avoid giving your time and energy to service-to-self people, or those who are careless and destructive in their behavior. Educate yourself about the types of challenges and tests you may encounter if you are on a spiritual path, and be careful to avoid falling into the traps of narcissists who prey on the energy of empaths.

Maintain Your Frequency

Trapped energy in the form of negative emotions, can cause contraction and block the natural flow of energy in the advanced technology system that is your body. Stagnant energy can manifest as discomfort, pain and disease, or the simple feeling that something is off. Meditate regularly release negative energy through your crown chakra for transmutation into the universe as love energy. Practices like reiki, acupuncture, massage and even a simple Epsom salt bath can do wonders at moving and releasing energy. For more in-depth insights for healing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) and SHEN therapy are both powerful ways to release energy from the emotional body and from cellular memory.

Use Your Frequency to Lift

When it is high and fine, your vibration is a beacon of love and light. The more you nurture it, the better you feel and the more you lift others around you—from the people you hold dear to those who you pass on the street. Cultivating and maintaining a high frequency is the ultimate service to humanity: without even knowing it, you are lifting those around you in silent, invisible ways, as the light codes in your being activate codes in others, helping them to awaken and ascend.