Do What You Love

Map your gifts, talents and interests to find your strengths and do what you love

Doing what you love is not a privilege or stroke of luck. It is the result of your ability to be true to who you are, creative in bringing your gifts to life, and courageous in taking the mental leaps and physical-world actions that align with your fulfillment.

For individuals who want to explore their strengths and passions, and find ways to transform the heart’s desire into a means of income, the Passion + Purpose Discovery gives you a comprehensive picture and actionable plan to help you align with passion and purpose and do what you love.

This service brings the impact of a business gap analysis and applies it at the individual level for the same value and insight. During a 2-hour, one-on-one work session, we take inventory of your current situation and future vision. We identify enablers and limitations to helping you realize your vision and create a roadmap to help you get there.

What You Will Receive

This coaching helps you to:

  • Gain clarity in your strengths and abilities, including soft and hard skills, talents and gifts
  • Visualize the full picture of what you have to offer
  • Find the language for naming a new role or position if it does not yet exist in the marketplace
  • Identify limiting mindsets, attitudes and blocks that stand in the way of doing what you love
  • Move forward with suggested actions you can take to move toward your fulfillment


Cost for the Passion + Purpose Discovery service is $525.00. In advance of our session, I will need a copy of your resume and a completed kickoff questionnaire.

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