thoughts create reality

Understand the metaphysical principles of ascension

12 Lifechanging Truths They Didn’t Teach You in School

We have been institutionally and systematically trained to believe the answers are outside of us:

  • Health from a doctor’s prescription
  • Abundance through self-sacrifice and hard work
  • Knowledge from academic, business and governmental institutions
  • Love through relationships with others
  • Security, rights and freedom through governmental bodies
  • Connection to a higher creator force, outside of us

Through enculturation and programming, we are taught that life is a struggle and we must sacrifice our real selves and our deepest dreams and desires in order to make it in the world. This could not be farther from the truth.

I am passionate about liberating people like you with a combination of ancient belief systems and new strategies that help you harness the power of your own consciousness to create the reality you desire, identify and rescript limiting beliefs and reveal the simple hidden creative power that lies inside of you.

We are on the brink of a planetary revolution marked by the conscious awakening of humanity. I can’t wait to see what we create together!

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Everything is Energy

Everything you consume or expose yourself to, from visible aspects like food and substances, to the unseen, like thoughts, media and relationships, forms the sum total of your vibrational frequency. Choose wisely!

Every emotion holds a measurable frequency that either raises your vibration and expands your consciousness, or lowers your vibration and keeps you in a contracted, powerless and victimized state…

You are like a radio station, sending a continuous transmission into the quantum field through the vibration of your consciousness. The transmission of today’s vibration yields the experiences, people and things of tomorrow…    

Think of the ascension process as an unfoldment. We all start asleep, then we each awaken to first transform our individual perspective, then, as more and more join us, we create a higher collective reality together…

As we (individually and collectively) heal and vibrate higher, we gradually move beyond the illusion that we are separate and replace negativity with neutral and positive emotions associated with unity consciousness…

As we turn our focus to the highest good of all, we hold the potential to create high-vibrational communities that demonstrate the full potential of humanity, unencumbered by the selfishness and greed of a few…

Your life’s journey is sacred and important, both to your inner, infinite being and to everyone on the planet who needs your gifts to realize our full human potential. In the puzzle, you are an integral piece!   

The Hero's Journey - An Ascension Interpretation

Sometimes life seems too difficult to bear; but like every protagonist in a novel or film, you are the lead actor in your own story. Literary protagonists undergo a transformation; you will too. You will change in subtle and dramatic ways as you unfold in your journey of awakening, healing and remembering who and what you truly are.