Stepping into your power is not an act of ego, but a natural milestone along the spiritual journey as you align with your higher self

What is your power? It is the expression of the potential you hold within. It is always with you and cannot be given away, lost, limited or depleted in any way, unless you agree to it. This inner power is the very essence that is you: it is a force that burns brighter as you open and unfold on your spiritual path and find yourself reaching up and into the higher frequency of living love. There is no final destination. Instead, realizing your full potential is a quiet, ever-present unfolding force that gently prompts you to lift and change your relationship to yourself and to the world around you.

When you claim that personal power that lies within, your Earth identity begins to take on a different quality. This quality is the result of mastering your emotions and rising above the lower levels where pain, fear, negativity and suffering prevail. When you are in your power, your inner light shines through all of your Earthly expressions—through the actions you take, the words you speak, the kindness you share with others in big and small ways, and the positive energy you naturally emit. This quality I am describing is your spiritual consciousness shining through to express in the physical Earth plane. There is something special and recognizable about this inner light—a strong and attractive energetic centeredness that comes from a non-Earthly “place”.

How do you bring more inner light into your experience as human being? It starts with raising your vibration by recognizing and working with the mental and emotional planes where we can get stuck and block higher states of consciousness from move through us. This includes negative and self-sabotaging emotional patterns, destructive thought patterns, angry and self-defeating words, limiting beliefs and not-so-positive resulting actions that can keep you anchored in a state of perpetual limitation. Because this way of using your mental creations as a compass for what you experience in the physical world has not been taught in school, this is new for many of us. We first need to be aware of what is going on inside of our minds from moment to moment. Enter meditation. This necessary practice develops the awareness and discipline to discern silent mental and emotional patterns that are creative and productive and will advance us in our becoming, and those patterns that limit us and keep us stuck. Through meditation, we get to know ourselves.

As we get to know ourselves, we learn to love ourselves–not just the parts we were taught were okay, but all of the parts of us. You love yourself (perceived flaws included) and take responsibility for who and what you are as a human being on Earth, perfect as you are, and in a state of perpetual and continuous change. With self love comes a sense of peaceful acceptance for everything and everybody…of the many roles we all play in this great unfolding planetary drama.

No longer triggered inside by people and situations in the outside world, you flow with less resistance, noticing, following your inner knowing, and gravitating to the thoughts, experiences, people, places and ideas that will amplify your new state of contented being, along with the balance, productivity, peace and fulfillment you are now increasingly achieving. There are still challenging moments–days, months and even years–as is part of the nature of being human, but navigating these challenges becomes easier when you can solve your own problems though the steady wheelhouse of your inner wisdom. The leaders of our future will be characterized by this wheelhouse of inner wisdom, and as more individuals join this new army of leaders, the paradigm shifts from decisions that benefit one or some, to decisions that benefit all.

To activate your power, you merge your concept of your “Earth you” as a flesh-and-bone human being with your concept of the “non-Earth you” as infinite consciousness with no body, no borders and no limits. You regard these expressions as one and the same, with no difference or distance between, that when you look through your eyes to see the world, you see the world through the eyes of the spark of infinite wisdom that is the universe in its totality. When you are plugged in to the connection to a higher self, you anchor higher light frequencies onto the planet, becoming a conduit for the new ideas that will contribute to shaping an entirely new era in our human experience on Earth. At the same time, you are able to navigate your Earth life with greater agility and confidence. You are no longer overly troubled with expectations, evaluations, decisions and consequences (characteristics of the mental space) because, guided by the insight of your higher self (the spiritual space), all ideas are worthy ideas.

What Changes Can You Expect with Greater Spiritual Awareness?

An inflow of spiritual awareness that results from being plugged in to your higher self helps you experience more of who you truly “are” above and beyond your Earth body, personality and collection of experiences that we call life. You may notice that you:

  • Recognize the limitation associated with your conditioning, programming and enculturation, and intentionally discard old narratives and turn within for guidance
  • Live from a place of unconditional love for yourself and all others
  • Develop your own version of truth, being in the world, but not of it
  • Express from a continuous stream of natural authenticity, confidence and grace
  • Listen to and take directives from your higher self and intuition instead of people and influences outside of you
  • Expand the expression of your creative abilities, gifts and talents, which flow more effortlessly than before
  • Use the feeling nature of your body instead of your intellect to know which actions to take and which to avoid 
  • No longer struggle with right and wrong because impetus for your thoughts, words and actions naturally flows from your heart center vs. ego which results in expressions that are for the highest good of all
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