Being in your power is not an act of ego or Earthly desire, but a natural guidepost along the spiritual journey as you align with your higher self

What is your power? It is the expression of the potential of light you hold within. It is always with you and cannot be given away, lost, limited or depleted in any way, unless you agree to it. This light is the very essence that is you: it is a force that burns brighter as you unfold into your spiritual path and find yourself reaching up and into the higher frequency of living love. On the path of spiritual development, you are arriving into your light at every moment. There is no destination, however. It is an ever-present unfolding force that gently prompts you to lift to your highest expression of self.

When you stand in your power, your Earth identity takes on a higher, lighter quality. This higher quality is the result of mastering your emotions and rising above the lower levels where pain, fear and negativity prevail. When you are in your power, your inner light shines through all of your Earthly expressions—through the actions you take, the words you speak, the kindness you share with others, and the positive energy you naturally give off in service to all. It is your spiritual consciousness expressing in the Earth plane. There is something special and recognizable about this inner light—a strong and attractive energetic centeredness.

How do you bring more light into your being and step into your power? You raise your frequency by recognizing and releasing all that is low-vibrating: emotional patterns, thoughts, words, beliefs and actions that keep you anchored in limitation. You love yourself and take responsibility for what you create. You discover a place of peaceful acceptance for all that is and are no longer triggered by people and situations in the outside world. You courageously and gracefully flow without resistance, following your inner knowing, and choosing only that which resonates with your growing light.

Increase Your Light by Connecting to Your Higher Self

  • Imagine a strong cord that extends from your heart to the higher non-physical essence of you.
  • See the multidimensional aspect of you in your mind’s eye. It is magnificent, intelligent, compassionate, and infinitely inclusive. It is just like your Earth you, only much more expansive.
  • Now imagine energy flowing from this higher version of you into your heart and filling up your entire body with a comforting and familiar light that is your tangible knowing, your unique cosmic blueprint that holds the answers, the courage, the strength to be anything you wish to be.

To activate your power, you merge your Earth expression as a human being with your non-Earth expression as divine consciousness. You regard these expressions as one and the same, with no difference or distance between. They are in fact the same, because you already are one with your divine consciousness—you are on the path to remembering and activating it. Standing in your divine power—your light—you are fully plugged in to your higher self, which enables you to invisibly anchor your light into your human being and onto the planet. At the same time, you become able to navigate your Earth life with greater assurance, grace and confidence. All higher expressions— abundance, love, freedom, joy and more—come from this higher place. When you step into your power, you:

  • Free yourself of limitations associated with the 3D environment and conditioning
  • Live from a place of unconditional love for yourself and all others, which models the unity consciousness of 5D
  • Develop your own version of truth, being in the world, but not of it
  • Express from a continuous stream of natural authenticity, confidence and grace
  • Listen to and take directives from your higher self and intuition instead of people and influences outside of you
  • Expand the expression of your creative abilities, gifts and talents, which flow more easily, quickly and purely than before
  • Know which actions to take and which to avoid
  • No longer struggle navigating duality (good/bad, right/wrong, etc.) because your thoughts, words and actions naturally flow from heart-centered consciousness for the highest good of all
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