As we ascend, humanity will integrate masculine and feminine energies within each of us so that we can dissolve the inequality and duality of the patriarchy and become whole as individuals and a collective

The patriarchy (a duality system in which the male energy holds the power) is an illusory 3D construct. Permeating humanity for centuries, it is reinforced by programming in many ways: through the animated films of Walt Disney, served to young children worldwide; through behaviors modeled by parents and other authority figures; in the pages of history (his story) books; through the scripts of Hollywood movies; and in the stories of religious texts. In the patriarchy, men and women embody certain roles based on a set of beliefs that keep the false power dynamic in place:

Powerful Powerless
Dominant Submissive
Active Passive
Strong Weak
Logical Emotional
Competitive Diplomatic

The origins of the word patriarchy come from the Greek for ruling father. And though this is an oversimplified representation of attributes, you can see the inherent duality of opposites and inherent inequality dictated by the patriarchal system. As each of us dissolves duality and ascends, we will break free from this outdated and illusory way of thinking and being.

Regardless of whether you are a man, a woman, or you don’t identify with a sex or gender, the patriarchal construct of the masculine and feminine is inside of you (if you live in the majority of countries on Earth, you live in a patriarchy). Since the 1950s, the standard extremes of gender expression and expectation dictated by the patriarchy have been gradually unravelling—at home, in the workplace, and in positions of perceived power such as government. But for us to make a quantum leap to a higher plane of reality, we must attain equilibrium of masculine and feminine energies WITHIN us.

The Role of the Mother

Many of the distortions associated with the patriarchy have been silently handed down through the lineage of the mother. As the primary creative force of life, mothers with distorted and damaged viewpoints and painful emotional baggage raise children with a version of the same distortion and pain in three ways:

  1. The invisible energetic signature of a mother’s emotional blueprint is passed on to her child’s emotional blueprint in the womb and through childbirth. For children who have received negative blueprints through birth, the transmutation of this inheritance can be one of your greatest growth opportunities.
  2. Every mother learns from her mother, who learned from her mother, and so on. A mother models behavior for her child—both constructive and destructive. She imprints her child’s subconscious with beliefs about who he/she is, what is acceptable, and what her child is capable of doing, being or having. She also provides a template for relationship to self and other that the child accepts, even if destructive or dysfunctional. Mimicking the dynamic of the learned template, the child grows into an adult who attracts the dynamics consistent with the template.
  3. Even though your child, young adult or adult self may have disagreed with or identified flaws in your mother’s ways, we are bound to silence through social norms and can suffer outward shame and criticism when we choose to separate from maternal energy or the physical relationship itself. For young children, a mother’s acceptance and love is the sole key to physical survival, making it taboo, even as an adult, to reject that connection for any reason.

Regardless of how difficult or painful your relationship with your mother is, she is not responsible for your happiness and you are not responsible for hers. Your mother is not at fault or to blame for the templates you received to help you make sense of the world. However, each of us is given the opportunity to evaluate how those templates influenced us, and to release, forgive and repair old wounds that keep us in limitation. You have contracted for the life experiences you have, and often the most painful experiences—the ones you wish you could change—are here for a different reason. Those experiences are here not to be changed, but to change you.

Recognizing Distorted and Awakened Energies in Yourself and Others

In the two charts that follow, the left column shows behaviors and expressions that embody limiting ways of believing, thinking and being in the patriarchal model. The awakened expressions are examples of behaviors that are liberated from those limitations, and aligned, not with an external paradigm, but with the multidimensional essence of who we are at a soul level. Reading only the awakened column for feminine and masculine will give you a solid feeling for the authentic expression of the awakened 5D human.

Feminine Energy

Distorted/Shadow Expression Awakened/Authentic Expression
Seeks validation and attention through hyper sexual or over nurturing behavior Seeks connection through heart-centered exchanges
Gives more than receives Is in equal give and take
Codependent, unstable and insecure Inter-dependent, stable and self-assured
Wishes to be rescued Rescues herself
Retreats in anger and confusion when hurt Stays present and patient in the face of pain
Represses wants and needs Communicates wants and needs openly
Attracts and enables destructive, unloving connections Attracts high vibe connections
Tolerates poor treatment from others Establishes clear, healthy boundaries with self and others
Punishes and sabotages herself and operates from shame Honors herself and operates from empowerment
Hides unique gifts from the world Expresses with clarity, courage and confidence
Sacrifices the self to please and take care of others Prioritizes self care
Takes criticism personally and with offense Uses criticism as a tool for reflection, learning and growth
Acts the part that will garner others’ approval Is in the highest expression of authenticity
Is passive aggressive, self-righteous and/or easily triggered Responds consciously, carefully and with grace to others’ emotions
Identity grounded in others’ love, desire or attention toward her Identity grounded in self-love
Blames others for her problems or pain Takes accountability and responsibility for everything she creates and experiences

Now let’s look at the masculine energy…

Masculine Energy

Distorted/Shadow Expression Awakened/Authentic Expression
Ruled by mental world of logic and reason Ruled equally by head and heart
Controlling, demanding and unchanging Yielding, cooperative and malleable
Aloof, secretive and deceitful Open-hearted, transparent and honest
Ego-based construct of self Spirit-based construct of self
Guarded and protected Sensitive and able to be vulnerable
Saves the damsel in distress Saves himself
Need for external/material validation through status, power or wealth Knows his inner worth regardless of achievements or possessions
Uses porn and/or hyper-sexual behavior as a release Seeks genuine physical and emotional intimacy of which sexuality plays a part
Needs to provide to feel purpose Seeks to contribute and connect to feel purpose
Objectifies, sexualizes, shames, rejects and/or minimizes the feminine Values, appreciates and integrates the feminine as a unique and equal counterpart in both outer and inner worlds
Blames others and hides or projects negative feelings Takes accountability for choices and owns feelings
Represses and runs from pain, fear and trauma Is able to share and heal from painful feelings and/or past events
Dominates others to feel okay Seeks balance within to feel okay

Twin flame connections are soul contracts designed, in part, to help shatter old patriarchal paradigms.

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