Your purpose is to be alive. You are arriving at your purpose in every moment by heeding your inner voice, being yourself, banishing fear, and following your heart

We arrive on the planet knowing nothing of ourselves or the world. Over the course of a lifetime, we experience good times. We also endure trials, tribulations and rough times. One by one, this collection of experiences we call life delivers us toward soul mastery. By facing difficulty, we learn about ourselves: our strength and resolve, flexibility and compassion. We also learn about the world: how much of it is not what it seems, and how all people endure challenges of their own design. So, what is the point? What is your purpose? Why are you here?

Your purpose is to live, learn and be you. While we live in a world that stresses the doing part of life— what you did, ate, achieved and said…where you went or didn’t go and with whom—the true gift lies in the quiet being part of life. When you allow yourself to simply be, there is no effort required. You see the beauty of expressing how only you can—through the one-of-a-kind consciousness signature that is sacredly yours. Nobody is like you. And in each moment, as you walk the life-long path required of all of us, you can choose to deepen the alignment of your Earth identity with the limitless and eternal spiritual identity that transcends the physical plane. That very alignment is also your purpose.

You are special and perfect exactly as you are. You don’t need to do or achieve anything more. Life is waiting for you to live it. There is no need to thrust yourself into it, or break your mind analyzing, thinking and worrying about what you think you should be doing or accomplishing. You only need to listen and surrender to every moment. Everywhere and everything you are, right now, whatever you’re doing, thinking, saying or feeling, is exactly where you’re supposed to be in this moment. It’s all good enough exactly the way it is.

You are the living, breathing actualization of your life experience. What you do with that special, valuable wisdom is entirely up to you. As you move through your path—the relationships you’ve attracted, the jobs you’ve held, the people you’ve known, the hurdles you’ve climbed—you weave a fabric that is yours alone. Along the way, when the time is right, you will step back and see the big picture. Simply by being alive, you unfold. By not striving, you unfold. By surrendering completely into what brings you happiness, you unfold. By understanding, developing, loving and owning who you are in all of your authenticity, you unfold into purpose and find your true calling. You naturally do it, and it is also done to you from a higher place. All that is needed is to be in allowance.

The Hero's Journey - An Ascension Interpretation

The Hero’s Journey, a concept that describes the transformation of
a literary character, is also an effective way to illustrate the ascension transformation. Your
purpose—your true calling—reveals itself as you unfold.

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