By hearing and heeding your inner voice, you are arriving into purpose with every breath you take

We arrive on the planet knowing nothing of ourselves or the world. Over the course of a lifetime, we gather our own experiences. We also endure many trials and tribulations that teach us about ourselves, hone our capabilities and skills and lead us down a unique path of development and unfoldment. In the process, we learn about the world: how much of it is not what it seems, and how all people endure challenges of their own design. So, what is the point? Is your purpose a thing or a destiny waiting somewhere out there for you to connect to someday?

Your purpose here is to experience being alive. And if you go with the flow and your intuition, every twist and turn will be meaningful and will eventually deliver you to a place where you can look back and see that it all adds up. The experiences that you had were designed for you, your learning, and your mission as a soul on Earth. There is no pressure and you are never missing out. In fact, if you can get yourself into a state of BEING instead of DOING, you are onto something!

Let go of overachievement culture and take your cues from inside. You don’t need to do or achieve anything more. If you listen to the voice inside, you will never be misled. There is no need to rationalize, overanalyze and strategize. These are functions of the mind and the ego, which goes into overdrive to ensure you will not fail. But what if there is no failure? What if all experiences are designed for you, and by you at the soul level to help guide you in fulfilling your Earth mission? What if there are no mistakes? You can relax. There is no need to worry about what you think you should be doing or accomplishing. Just listen to the inner voice that guides you if you dare quiet yourself enough to hear it, then have the courage to actually obey it no matter how crazy it may sound! It’s ideas are the next steps that will deliver you to optimal joy and fulfillment.

You are here to gain knowledge and wisdom. As you move through your path—the relationships you’ve attracted, the jobs you’ve held, the people you’ve known, the hurdles you’ve climbed—you build a library that is yours alone and that only you can use. How will you use it to change yourself? How will you use it to improve your family? Your community? The world? The difference between knowledge and wisdom is that knowledge is things you know and can recall and wisdom is experience that holds the potential for transformation. If you listen to and obey the inner voice, you will naturally unfold into your purpose. Don’t strive or compete, just surrender to what brings you joy and turn away from everything else. Your purpose is happening right now: just breathe and don’t resist.

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