Your unique, authentic expression is where you uncover the treasure of living

You have the power to become the creator of your life. In fact, you are the power. Yet, many of us allow our own and others’ limitations to dictate how we are allowed to express and who we are supposed to be as a mom, dad, friend, spouse, daughter, brother or sister. When we allow others’ expectations to shape or limit what we do, say, believe, and think, we erode our ability to be authentic.

Finding your authenticity takes the courage to defy what you’ve been taught, and break free of pleasing others for fear of rocking the boat. When you are unhappy, irritated, annoyed, aiming to please, wishing you were somewhere else with someone else, or living life for other people instead of yourself, you are in a low vibration and not honoring your spirit. Because you are at your best for others when you first take care of yourself, nurturing yourself is the first step toward serving everyone around you. Let’s look at some of the possible reasons why you may avoid living in your full authenticity:

  • You worry about what others will think – Are you afraid of what family and friends will think if you take the risky job, stay in the challenging relationship or leave an unfulfilling marriage? In that worry, you can remain stuck in situations that no longer support your growth. It’s natural to want to be liked and to fit in. Yet, sometimes aligning with your authenticity means making difficult choices and taking actions that make you unpopular in the eyes of others.
  • You feel obligated – Tradition keeps the 3D matrix intact. We are expected to participate in life in certain ways—through family and cultural traditions and the events that surround them— because we are conditioned to believe that it’s what we’re “supposed” to do. Questioning what you value and choosing exactly how you want to spend your time does not make you a “bad” person. If you dread feeling you “need to” attend a social event that will not lift you up, then decline. Find ways to connect with others that align with who you are and support your highest frequency.
  • You live according to limitation and expectation – Expectations keep us stuck in 3D consciousness by establishing a set of rules for every instance in life: how you should behave at every age; who you should interact and partner with; what you should eat and drink; how you should parent your children; how your home should look; how you should speak, think, act and be. These expectations trap us into a template life that inhibits the full expression of our true gifts and talents.
  • You are afraid of change – Maybe you hesitate to change because your identity is intertwined with the same places or people and you can’t imagine it any other way. Even though you’re not happy, you tell yourself that it’s good enough for now. Afraid to explore uncharted territory and without the trust to take that leap, you squash the possibility of fulfilling your dream life before you can bring it into reality.

When you allow any of these reasons to dissuade you from living the life you know you were meant to live, you deny and deprive yourself of your true expression. Only you can empower you. Stop following and conforming and take the lead!

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