We are undergoing the collective expression of the shadow self

The pandemic, protests, violence and chaos: how do you make sense of it all? Indeed, it is a brave new world. If it seems like the world is ending, that perception is not entirely wrong! But perhaps it’s more accurate to say “the world as we know it” is ending as a 26,000-year cycle completes and we move from the energy of the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. And what happens at the end of anything? It isn’t an end in and of itself, but the beginning of a brand new cycle. As part of the birthing process, everything hidden must come to the surface to be acknowledged, expressed and eventually integrated so that we can achieve new levels of consciousness and the new physical world experiences that go along with ascension.

In individual shadow work, a person releases everything that has been repressed within the psyche to reach a greater level of healing through integration.  That is what is happening on a grand scale as we purge the hidden elements of the psyche and reveal the lowest, most disempowered forms of our human expression: fear, anger, shame, guilt. As these emotions are revealed across the globe, the collective psyche purges what is no longer needed for the next level of the “game” and we leave these elements of low vibration behind. Like building a new home, everything in the old structure that does not align with the new vision must first be torn down.  We are tearing down before we architect the blueprint for a new, more equal, more loving, more communal planet Earth.

How are you managing your energy during this time of unrest? Though you may sense there is a growing darkness being expressed “out there”, nothing is in fact outside of you. That perceived darkness is within us all. Each individual plays a role in this deliberate dance. The chaos you see on the news is you. The violence in the streets is you. You are not separate, higher than, different than or better than those expressions. You are them, because we are ALL ONE. Choosing to judge or criticize those who are playing the role of revealing the shadow aspect is a choice to remain in a consciousness of separation from your “other selves”. This doesn’t mean you need to join in, advocate or identify with what is happening. Instead, you can simply notice, accept, allow, and feel compassion for those who are suffering. You can be a force of LIVING LOVE no matter what transpires around you or within you.

When the truth of what has been happening behind the curtain bubbles up and out, it can be difficult to lovingly embrace those who have inflicted abuse in the name of greed, power, control and other expressions rooted in separation. Arriving at these revelations can feel maddening, confusing and frustrating. Waking up to the illusion sparks a natural inner disturbance that rocks the very foundation of what we trusted and understood as reality. You may feel a deep sense of deception or betrayal with the realization that everything you thought to be true about who and what you are and how the world works, has in fact, been false.

Once you begin to piece together your ultimate truth as a sovereign, multidimensional human being, you begin to see external upsets from a different lens. You can choose a higher, wider perspective—from the top of the mountain lit by the sun instead of down in the shadows of the valleys below. Every positive thought, feeling, intention and visualization contributes to manifesting the experience of a New Earth. You can send love, compassion and gratitude from your heart to service-to-self energies and beings. Why? Because they are playing a critical role: without those forces, we wouldn’t have anyone to embody the contrast and help us discover our strengths and inner power so we can begin to design the world we want. Hold steady as a force of LIVING LOVE and be grateful: these challenging expressions mark our collective wake-up call, and eventually we will unify and manifest a shared experience that will be more magnificent than anything any of us could imagine.

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