As old paradigms shatter and everything long hidden is revealed, it feels undeniably evident that humanity and planet Earth are undergoing a grand transformation

If you are willing to open your mind, evidence of the shift is everywhere you look. Much of the evidence is purposefully ignored in mainstream media, and if it is reported, its significance is downplayed or the truth is distorted. However, self-created media such as YouTube and other outlets have enabled curious, awakened people just like you to awaken to new angles of potential truth.

The path to uncovering truth has countless twists and turns. Many of these points of possible evidence are grounded in the notion that the old must break down before the new can be built. Others seem to indicate that the planet—and our experience of the shared reality—is changing in an accelerated way. Each is a piece of the puzzle. Either way, the demonstration is not so much in the isolated occurrence of one of these changes, but the cumulative effect of all of them manifesting simultaneously. A good rule of thumb for any information is to take what resonates and leave the rest. Explore many perspectives and decide for yourself. Regardless of what you choose to believe, the more open-minded you are in allowing and accepting as many viewpoints as possible without judgement, the more you expand your point of awareness and accelerate your personal (and the collective) shift.

  • The Global Pandemic – From a spiritual perspective, this global event is a gradual unfolding and revealing, calling into question who and what is the authority of your life and sovereignty. It asks us to choose whether to tap our inner knowing as a guide for truth, or whether to believe in and follow the version of truth that is broadcasted in the external program. Remember, all personal truth begins on the INSIDE. This simple idea is the launching pad for unleashing your creative superpowers for awesome outcomes. Use your discernment. When you hear information in the outer world, is the intent to create fear or to liberate? Do you feel contracted or expanded?
  • Your and Others’ Life Circumstances – The collective intensity of personal challenge—through death, disease, divorce, debt and other circumstances that most would deem worst case scenario—has escalated. You may notice parallels in the experiences of friends, family and loved ones as everything hidden surfaces to be acknowledged, purged, integrated and healed so that we can build new, higher and better.
  • Extreme Weather Conditions – Mother Earth is going through the same crises of purging and healing. New types of storms (like the Bomb Cyclone) with greater intensity and more creative power in the form of rain; quick and severe flooding; giant hail; lightning and wind are increasingly reported throughout the world. 2019 is the hottest year ever recorded on Earth, with skyrocketing temperatures in places like Europe that are not equipped to handle the intense heat. Places that should be hot and dry (Saharan desert) receive snowfall and places that are cold (Antarctica) and wet (Amazon forest) are on fire. Australia is on fire.
  • Exponential Increase in Volcanic Activity – The Earth is undergoing changes at its core, which is moving and pushing liquid rock from the inside of the planet and venting it outward in the form of volcanic eruptions. In addition to volcanoes, the crust is shifting, causing movement in the tectonic plates and resulting earthquakes, along with sudden mudslides and deep and wide cracks that separate the land.
  • Changes in Space Weather – Truthers who, for years, have monitored space weather and sun activity including the magnetopause/magnetosphere, are identifying increasing shifts and anomalies in the magnetic interaction between the Earth and sun as well as interaction with clearly visible celestial bodies that have entered the Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Climbing Schumann Resonance – The Schumann Resonance, which measures the base frequency of the planet, has increased from 7.83 Hz to spikes of more than 150 Hz from 2012 to the time of this writing (2019). The Earth’s measurable resonance appears to be continuing to trend upward.
  • Changes in the Appearance of the Sky – People worldwide are capturing unusual colors, patterns, shapes and forms in the sky, including cloud formations never or rarely seen before (noctilucent, square, triangle, shelf, roll and hole punch); clouds that cast shadows on what appears to be a simulated background; unusual stationary streaks, lines or beams in the sky; sun halos; sun dogs; double and triple rainbows; and increased pink and purple hues that are thought to be due to light-emitting gas giants and/or stellar cores from cloaked celestial bodies in close proximity to Earth.
  • Changes in the Sun – There is growing evidence that an inbound planetary system comprising many celestial bodies of various sizes has entered the Earth’s atmosphere. To hide this reality, it’s possible that NASA and its global counterparts have invested trillions of dollars in a sun simulation system comprised of various components of space equipment and lenses that refract and reflect light. This equipment, in tandem with increased chemtrails, is thought to be in place to hide the planetary bodies by disguising when they eclipse our sun. By monitoring and isolating compelling video footage from FAA weather and space cameras all around the world, concerned, awakened citizens are capturing and exposing a growing body of evidence indicating that something unusual is happening in our skies.
  • Escalated UVA and UVB Levels – UVA and UVB measures from the sun have skyrocketed in the last few years, with spiking radiation levels and eye-witness reports of the sun melting formed plastics like bicycle helmets and playground equipment.
  • Unidentified Sky Objects – There have been increased personal reports captured through video footage of unexplained light formations in the day and night sky, along with unexplained or identifiable objects in motion.
  • Mass Animal Die-Offs – Millions of birds, fish, crabs and other marine life have been turning up dead in massive numbers in multiple locations around the world.
  • Insect Plagues – Reports of huge, invasive insect swarms, including locusts, cockroaches and spiders, have been cited in Las Vegas, Saudi Arabia, and Brazil.
  • Increased Social Unrest and Violence – In the last several years, we have seen a disturbing upward trend in deadly school and public shootings, terrorist attacks, riots and social uprising worldwide.
  • Systemic and Institutional Downfalls – The systems and institutions we once trusted are being exposed for the inherent moral and financial corruption that has been hidden for centuries. Examples can be found in the US-Russia campaign interference investigation; in exposure of the widespread and systemic abuse of women and children through the institutions of Hollywood and the Catholic church; in Facebook’s unauthorized mining of personal data without public consent or privacy consideration; and in news reports that intentionally confuse and distract the public from determining truth. There is more disclosure to come. Together, these examples reveal service-to-self agendas that must be exposed as part of the plan for planetary ascension.
  • QHHT Sessions – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy uses hypnosis to relax the brainwave frequency in an individual so that he or she can access information from the multidimensional or higher self. Since the 1970s, QHHT sessions throughout the world have revealed a shared vision for ascension, including a visible light event or solar flash that is expected to raise the frequency of the planet and all of her inhabitants. Many people in these unrelated accounts use the same language and phrases to describe 5D, the shift and the event.

Taking all of this evidence in, there seems to be a clear unravelling taking place that feels different from how reality felt only a few short years ago. And it seems to be increasingly escalating in intensity to the point where we might wonder: how much stranger can it get? Though each of us must investigate for ourselves, the most important knowledge lies within your own inner knowing. Have you had vivid dreams about a new, spectacular reality on the horizon? Is your life suddenly changing in ways you never anticipated? Do you have a feeling deep inside—in spite of the chaos in the outside world—that something awesome is about to take place with humanity and the planet? If so, you’re not alone.

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