We are undergoing a paradigm shift that will result in a better world

In your personal upliftment, you will shift to higher ground and redefine what you once relied upon, trusted and believed to be real. The structures, institutions and collective beliefs of the 3D do not accurately reflect the loving, inclusive planetary society that humanity is capable of creating. First we must become aware and accountable for the vibration we hold through our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and choose higher. We purge individual and collective pain, fear and negativity. This is happening in our now moment! We  allow the shadow to emerge from the darkness of the collective consciousness so that we can rise up and join together to rebuild a service-to-others oriented world that nurtures, empowers and uplifts everyone.

Mindset Changes

Old Earth (3D) Paradigm New Earth (5D) Paradigm
We live in a purely physical world defined by physical things We live in an energetic world where energy manifests as tangible, physical and material—energy through thoughts, words, feelings and beliefs is planted into the quantum field and eventually manifests as tangible experiences and things in the physical reality
We are separate beings, who struggle to work together and understand self and other While your body creates a perceived physical boundary of separation between you and the world and helps navigate your Earth experience as an individual, your consciousness is one facet of a greater whole of a great planetary brain—we are all one!
A higher power exists outside of you, and you must follow the “rules” of what is deemed right and good to be considered worthy The Christ Consciousness is a heart-centered frequency that lies within every human being. Many leaders and advocates for a loving humanity (Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gandhi, Mohammed and others) have incarnated over the centuries, and indeed did exist as human beings; however, the God energy they represented (which we have worshipped in subservience)—lives inside every human being…including you! You only need to look within to find it
Your life circumstances happen randomly Life circumstances are orchestrated by your higher self according to your soul blueprint for this lifetime, and everything you experience (perceived as either good or bad) is drawn purposefully to you, by you for your learning and growth
To be true, information requires the backing of an agreed upon authority To be true, information only needs to resonate with your own inner vault of knowledge and wisdom
There is a singular template for reality, where certain events and expectations of your lifetime are the accepted path There is no template for reality other than the one you create yourself, meaning there are as many realities as there are people on the planet—you CHOOSE your point of consciousness (which assists in creating your reality) based on where you focus your thoughts, words, feelings and beliefs. When you cultivate self-love and release inner trauma, compassion and acceptance for others comes naturally. You don’t have to agree with those who choose a self-serving path, though you can recognize that they are playing an important role in waking up humanity to something higher and better, including a world free of suffering, oppression and inequality.

Societal and System Changes

As we move through the purging of the collective shadow and navigate the shift, we open ourselves to higher vibrational ideas, solutions and ways of being that uplift and empower:

  • Our collective beliefs and values about ourselves and others, and the perceived physical boundaries of families, states, countries, races and creeds will relax, as WE SHIFT to dissolve separation consciousness and move into unity consciousness. We retain our individual identities in unity consciousness; however, the shared web of oneness enables an environment of greater love, tolerance, inclusivity and peace, with each individual having equal participation and being recognized as a complete, worthy and valuable soul.
  • A healthcare system focused on physical symptoms and on reacting to disease after low-vibrating energy has already physically manifested in the body WILL SHIFT to one designed to preserve and support the total wellness of the human being. The new healthcare model will prioritize the cause-and-effect nature of one’s mental and emotional well-being (vibration) on physical health and manifestation of disease.
  • A governmental system with top-down authority that limits individual sovereignty WILL SHIFT to become one that leverages true, heart-centered leadership for the greater good of all, and is structured to include the ideas and creativity of many voices to form a true democracy.
  • An educational system designed to tell a singular story about humanity, our origins, and our history WILL SHIFT to become one that nurtures and supports individual passions, skills and desires from a young age.
  • Organized religion will continue to break down and WILL SHIFT to spiritual studies of all kinds that stress the creator force within us instead of outside of us. The new belief system that helps us understand who we are and why we are here will be designed to empower individuals to discover and connect to their spiritual, multidimensional nature in their own way, through tools, teachings and resources that help them lift up and out of the low-vibrating density of the 3D.
  • The money system that keeps people ensnared in a cycle of debt and desire for more and more material items while also creating economic and social inequality WILL SHIFT to a more balanced system, more akin to bartering and trading skills, services and goods. A more equal distribution of wealth will occur from the ground up, facilitated by those in genuine service to humanity, while the increasing focus on spirituality and inner worth will cause a natural dismantling of the materialistic, possessions-based culture of the 3D.
  • Use of fossil fuels and other resources and practices that have polluted the Earth and locked extremes of abundance and lack in place WILL SHIFT to more sustainable, free energy sources that hold greater promise for moving people and goods and making products in ways that are faster, smarter and cleaner.
  • Federal and global community and humanitarian efforts WILL SHIFT to include more grassroots efforts that respond directly to the immediate and unique issues of small communities, dissolving suffering and economic inequality by providing the goods, services and support that people need to live happier, healthier more abundant lives.

Given the global unrest we are experiencing, the New Earth may seem like a far away fantasy. It is not! If you are reading this, you hold the key: do the inner work to purge pain, fear and negativity; release from separation consciousness, and continue to make choices that are not only for your own highest good, but for the highest good of ALL. Without a doubt, the dawn of a new humanity begins with YOU.

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