You scripted your life events, and you attract the opportunities—pleasurable and painful—that enable you to learn what your soul requires for mastery

There is great variation in the life circumstances people enjoy or endure: some experience lifetimes of poverty and war while others experience abundance and peace. For some, loss and pain are constant, while others seem to sail above, unscathed from life’s difficulties. It doesn’t seem equal or fair. But it’s only unfair when you are using fairness and equality as the measure for how the world is supposed to be. When we become aware of suffering (our own or someone else’s), it touches us because it falls short of the ideals of health, happiness, abundance and freedom. Yet, instead of assuming there should be a constant of equality in resources and high-vibe energy (as it is in higher dimensions, including 5D), recognize that 3D Earth is not designed for that. In 3D Earth, we are here to learn on the stage of duality.

From a soul level, you are playing your role in a grand play. We—as individuals, communities, nations and races—are all playing roles. One culture plays the most impoverished, while one plays the most materialistic. One individual plays the villain, while another plays the victim. In this great cosmic experiment, and against the backdrop of duality, we grow in understanding through participation in a planetary play that sheds light on the painful extremes and infinite nuances of duality. Perceived inequality, injustice, war, crimes against humanity, poverty, hunger, homelessness and disease— these are extremes that exist in the vibrational frequency of 3D so that we can work toward soul mastery, develop compassion, and choose higher. It’s in the contrast that we gain the ability to steer our life experience toward the highest choices:

  • Without darkness we cannot recognize light
  • Without disease we cannot know health
  • Without sadness we cannot experience happiness
  • Without poverty we cannot know abundance
  • Without imprisonment we cannot be free

Even in the most atrocious circumstances, there are no victims. Collectively, we have chosen to believe in victimization to explain the difficult and painful realities that present in a human lifetime because we do not understand our true multidimensional nature and the purpose of an Earth incarnation. We are so serious about the details of our lives and what goes on here on Earth. And indeed, it is serious if you believe that your flesh and blood in this lifetime is all there is. But when you realize your eternal nature—that your consciousness is having a temporary human experience on Earth to gain soul mastery—you see that all perceived negative experience—even death—is not a bad thing. Painful sensations and emotions give us a framework for learning, and death is simply the end of a temporary Earth chapter.

When you see the events and circumstances of your life as purposeful lessons, you are on the path to advance your soul growth. Instead of believing that life is a random string of meaningless events, you can believe that it is, in fact, YOU—your point of awareness, that straddles both the physical and nonphysical planes—that draws your specific life events to you—your spouse, your car accident, your difficult job, your chronic disease. It’s not a singular creation, but one that includes many moving parts.

There are also other external factors that influence events: your free will or personal choice plays a part in directing your outcomes, and all movement in the 3D is directed by universal governing principles. In victim mentality, what happens to you in life is the result of something or someone outside of you. In creator mentality, there are no mistakes or coincidences. You recognize that you are largely responsible and accountable for what comes your way in life, both positive and negative. You know that you have the ability to influence your outcomes based on the lens through which you choose to see your experiences (beliefs, thoughts and feelings) and the resulting frequency you send to the quantum field.

Your Life is Designed for You, by You

Your life experience is directed by your divine will and influenced by your free will, as you work your life events against the backdrop of duality and remaining six governing principles.

We are here to master our emotions, live in unconditional love, and become responsible creators, no matter what happens on the planetary stage. When faced with hardship, we are called to use our resourcefulness and develop new skills and mindsets. Hardship serves up the lessons we came here to learn. We grow when we think we won’t get through something, that we won’t survive. Yet, in the end, we always do, because nothing can come our way that we cannot handle. No matter how difficult life seems, everything is temporary, and we can and will never be broken.

The Wizard of Oz—An Ascension Interpretation

  • As you (Dorothy) walk your life path (travel the yellow brick road), you learn how to develop qualities of the heart (Tin Man) and brain (Scarecrow), and to face your fears with courage (Cowardly Lion).
  • You are presented with dark forces (wicked witch) and temptations (poppy field) that threaten to avert you from the path. Along the way, you make friends and gain knowledge, skills and wisdom.
  • You are promised that there is a magical place (Oz) where a magical force outside of you (wizard) does wonderful things and makes wishes come true. When you finally arrive in the magical place, it’s not what it was promised to be.
  • It turns out that in order to get what you desire (wish for brain, heart, courage, home) you must gain experience (retrieve the witch’s broomstick).
  • When you demonstrate the experience you gained to the world (return to Oz), the veil is lifted (illusion/man behind the curtain is revealed) and you realize that, what you were taught, conditioned and programmed to believe to be real about the meaning of life was only illusion.
  • The whole time, you believed the power (wizard) was outside of you, and that you were small and unworthy.
  • Once the veil is lifted, you become aware that you held the power (ruby slippers) to escape the false reality (Oz) and go back to Kansas (your multidimensional understanding and truth) the entire time.
  • Finally, you awaken from the 3D illusion (dream) and begin living with a transformed life perspective.
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