In the lower vibration of 3D, it can feel normal to sacrifice ourselves, complain, conform, criticize, make excuses, and avoid accountability and personal growth. In what ways do you keep yourself from rising up?

You hold a personal script that you use to make sense of yourself, other people and the world. The paragraphs of your script are your beliefs and what you decide to take as true and real. But what you use as your foundation for reality in this moment is only one perspective among infinite ways to view life. If you look more closely, you might see that the many ways of thinking, believing and being you have been conditioned to take as truth, actually keep you in limitation and disempowerment, blocking you from rising up. Just as we can (often unknowingly) operate from limitation, we can also re-design our perspective to live by a new, higher paradigm. Which are your greatest opportunities to expand into your highest potential?

You block your ascension when you:

  • Deny the living light within
  • Believe that you are small and insignificant, and that there is nothing you can do to change your circumstances or the world
  • Default to victim mentality, where someone or something external is to blame for your problems
  • Allow pain, fear and negativity to rule your thoughts, words and actions and keep you trapped in 3D and separation consciousness
  • Judge or criticize others because you don’t accept what they believe, do or say
  • Allow yourself to become emotionally involved in what is not yours, including the reactions, behaviors and expressions of others, and the actions/decisions of governments, companies, institutions, etc.
  • Ignore the inner voice guiding you to the life your soul truly longs for
  • Resist growth and change by repressing difficult and/or painful emotions
  • Disempower yourself through self-doubt, negative self-talk and self-sabotage
  • Seek answers, approval and validation from people or things instead of going within for answers and fulfillment
  • Choose to accept less or be treated poorly by others because you have settled for feeling unworthy
  • Find ways to justify your unhappiness because you fear change
  • Are unable to set healthy boundaries with others
  • Approach life from the head instead of the heart
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