Duality fuels the competition, judgement and perceived inequality inherent in 3D separation consciousness and keeps us from lifting to the higher vibration of 5D

Duality (sometimes called polarity) is the world of extremes: hot and cold, light and dark, big and small, soft and hard, black and white, right and wrong, rich and poor, winning and losing…and the list goes on. Duality is everywhere—in gender, politics, economics, morality and more. It is the foundation of the construct of the 3D frequency, as it gives us an opportunity to have a wide range of experiences and express ourselves in an environment that, by its very nature, is heavily nuanced, with all paths and choices falling somewhere in the vast continuum of variation. Earth life is partly about exploring the duality landscape, exercising free will and choosing in accordance with where we most resonate in our preferences. Choosing what we prefer from the sea of all possibilities, give us a lens from which to view and understand ourselves and the world. It’s how we play, learn and grow in the 3D landscape.

The duality nature of 3D contributes to separation consciousness. When we become attached to what we think is right, good, normal, etc., and we are unwilling to acknowledge and accept other viewpoints or beliefs, we create a polarization—an “us vs. them” mentality. This mentality inherently categorizes those who disagree with us, labeling them wrong and bad. In doing this, we establish a false inequality. When we are unwilling to expand our minds to include the entire picture, we become protective, defensive, fearful and set in our ways. This is what keeps us competing, judging and comparing ourselves with others. It’s what keeps us feeling separate and isolated from the oneness of unconditional love.

Each aspect of duality is an extreme of the same EXPRESSION. For example:

Example of Duality Construct Extemes in the Degree of…
Good | Bad Evaluation
Right | Wrong Choice
Black | White Color
Hot |  Cold Temperature
Winning | Losing Performance
Love | Hate Inclusion
Left | Right Direction
In | Out Position
Tall | Short Height
Big | Small Size

When we reject ideas, expressions, people, places and things because they do not align with how we choose to identify, we reject ourselves. How can this be? Because we are not merely the singular viewpoints and expressions we choose to identify with. In our expanded, multidimensional identity as fractals of Creation itself, we encompass every viewpoint and expression! We are much, much bigger than what we appear to “stand for” in the 3D environment.

You don’t have to agree with all viewpoints and beliefs to acknowledge and accept without judgement. You don’t have to agree with where others stand on their religious, political, lifestyle and living preferences. However, when you accept them, you extend an unspoken gesture of love and inclusion that states: “Your Earth choices may be different from mine, and I love you the same.” When you find yourself rejecting an opposing belief, expression or viewpoint, see it for what it truly is: an opportunity to heal, accept and integrate the “other” side into your consciousness, and lessen the distance between the opposing ideas. When you do this, you close the gap on duality and model for others what unity consciousness looks and feels like.

Higher dimensions are characterized by open-mindedness and objective inclusion of all viewpoints and expressions, without the need to agree or disagree. As you climb the ladder from 3D to 5D (and eventually beyond), the tendency for all beings to act in the interest of all involved—not just in the interest of themselves or one group—increases. Where in the 3D, we feel the need to agree/disagree and evaluate as good or bad, as we erase duality, we move from the need to agree (separation), to the higher 5D vibration of acknowledgement, acceptance and inclusion (unity).

In 5D, we hold multiple, sometimes conflicting viewpoints simultaneously without judgement or the need to evaluate. For example, recalling a painful past life event, you may see it as emotionally devastating and also a precious gift. You may see an experience as sad and also liberating. You may see yourself as both grounded in 3D and connected to your multidimensional self, all at the same time. You become able to embrace multiple, conflicting viewpoints because you allow your consciousness to expand beyond the perceived boundaries brought on by the duality construct of 3D. In reality, you have no boundaries. You are limitless. You shatter duality and accelerate your ascension when you embrace a consciousness of no judgement or limitation. You shatter duality when you exist in the frequency of unconditional love for all.

As duality fades with higher frequencies, negativity disappears too. Low vibrating thoughts, beliefs and feelings rooted in rejection, fear and judgement cease to exist in higher vibrational environments because the frequency is no longer a match. What is left is the neutral, zero point: judgement-free, comparison-free, competition-free, high vibrational consciousness of the now moment. All that is left is the acceptance, inclusiveness, love, joy and bliss of the next-level 5D frequency. This is the natural state of consciousness that is our birthright, and it’s where ascension is taking us.

Ways to Dissolve Duality

  • In social, political, or personal relationship issues, see how many simultaneous and conflicting viewpoints you can hold at the same time, and train your mind to think critically and also remove bias—remember, being in a state of resistance, argument and disagreement with others over what is right and wrong or good and bad keeps you in a conflict-oriented, low-vibrating emotional state!
  • Instead of choosing to resist or reject alternate viewpoints and expressions, recognize and objectively accept others for the many ways in which they think, believe and express. Other people are not separate from you, they are your other selves. See the value and worth in everything as part of a greater whole, even if you don’t agree.
  • Love everyone and accept everything, releasing the need to control or feel threatened by alternate views or potential outcomes.
  • Notice when a viewpoint or belief triggers you, and ask what needs healing, forgiveness or integration within you to move beyond it and soften your resistance.
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