When you watch TV, you relinquish your consciousness to the established narrative to program you with a fear-based and limited version of normal. Eliminating TV helps you regain your sovereignty and create a joyful, more fulfilling definition of normal

Television (and other media) programming is aptly named. When you expose yourself to regular TV, you are allowing the establishment to instill beliefs, values and ways of thinking and being that trap you in fear and passivity. For decades, so much of popular culture and family life has revolved around TV. In almost 100 years, it has grown from an occasional family past-time to an integral part of living.

After giving up TV—not only watching it, but physically removing the appliance from your home—you open up to experiencing a renewal of space, time and energy that leads to deeper self-discovery, more relaxation and increased freedom and joy. Let’s take a look at a few ways in which TV can be an obstacle to your ascension:

  1. Stagnates the flow of your life force energy. TV tempts you to choose a mode of nonparticipation in creating your life, and instead to be entertained by the creations of illusory characters, living illusory lives.
  2. Spouts endless fear-based messages. TV locks the mind into fear and negativity through programming, news reporting and advertising that sabotage empowerment. Negative messaging keeps you in low vibration and prompts you to subconsciously question whether you’re good enough, beautiful enough, thin enough, rich enough, smart enough, healthy enough or missing out on something.
  3. Keeps the illusion of separation consciousness intact. TV fuels the machine of separation consciousness through 24/7 political and news channels, reality TV and competitive sports that keep you in the low vibe of conflict, competition, comparison and judgement.
  4. Demands the center of attention in your home. It physically depletes energy from your living space—that black rectangle absorbs light (instead of giving it out) and gravitates to the center of attention in any room it occupies. The more we gather together, staring mindlessly at the black rectangle mounted to the wall (or the Smartphone or tablet version we hold in our hand), the less we connect and relate with one another and the aspects of life that truly matter.
  5. Makes us think low-vibe behavior is normal and okay. TV normalizes crime, hatred, fear, sickness and violence, encouraging you to be afraid and suspicious of others.
  6. Keeps you relying on what is outside of you. It reduces your signal to your higher self by having you believe the only way to find answers, relaxation, entertainment—or anything—is outside instead of within.

Give up TV and get:

  • Greater creativity, activity and opportunity—without TV, you naturally fill your time with other engaging activities that lift your mind, move your body and engage your spirit.
  • The art back into your life. You go from passive viewer to active creator: listening to music; practicing self-care; preparing healthy and delicious food; maintaining beauty in your home environment; laughing with loved ones; appreciating nature or taking part in your hobbies.
  • Greater sensitivity to all sources of negative programming and fear-based thinking, positioning you to own your vibration and reject stimulus that lowers it.
  • More time to spend with yourself and others in your home in meaningful ways that create love and belonging and deepen the home environment as your sanctuary.
  • Freedom from the bombardment of advertising and as a result, less exposure to and interest in aspects of the world that are driven by materialism.
  • A perception that time has slowed down.
  • More possibilities to arrange the spaces of your sanctuary in fun and creative ways.

We have the false perception that it’s normal to stare at a black rectangle for hours each day, or that watching TV helps us relax and unwind. Because of the nature of the fear-based narrative it perpetuates, it actually does the opposite: it subconsciously locks us into an anxious and irritated state, and keeps us entwined in the 3D framework of fear and separation. In the absence of TV, you reclaim your consciousness, and transition to an inner space where true relaxation and self-discovery become possible. To start, try dedicating a few nights each week to no TV, then gradually increase. After a few weeks or months, you may wonder how you spent all that time tuned in to what never served you. Once it’s completely gone, you may never even miss it or look back.

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