Seven ancient, timeless principles that pre-date organized religion govern the universe and your 3D reality

Hermetic teachings can be found in all belief systems, across religions and people of all races. These teachings pre-date Christianity and seek to provide a standard of truth that guides our understanding of the core principles at work both in the 3D and in the universe at large. By considering these ancient and timeless principles as a foundation for the forces of creation, we can gain a greater understanding and explanation of the consciousness we experience here on Earth. The summary below has been adapted from The Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece, by Three Initiates.


Everything in the universe is vibration. Matter, energy, mind and spirit. All are vibration. Even objects that you can see with your eye and perceive to be solid are vibrating. Like a wheel in motion, the spirit vibrates so fast and fine that it seems to be at rest. From ideas, thoughts and words to places, people and things, we are immersed in a universe of vibration.

Takeaway: You can use your vibration to navigate the cosmic fabric in a way that manifests the reality you wish for.

Polarity (Duality)

Everything has a pair of opposites, and differs only in degree. For example, light and dark, hot and cold, high and low, love and hate—each of these polarities is the same expression on a scale of extremes with infinite degrees of variation expressed as vibration.

Takeaway: You can recognize where your vibration lies in any/every duality construct, and use the power of your mind to transmute it to a higher plane. You can also recognize that the duality extremes that make up the conscious 3D reality are not different from one another, but are in fact, the same thing, to a greater or lesser degree.

Cause and Effect

There is no such thing as chance, randomness or coincidence. In everything, there is a relationship of cause and effect. When you understand and live by this principle, you actively play the Earth game through your conscious will instead of feeling as though you are being played by the game and that things “happen” to you. In cause and effect, the vibration you put out (cause) attracts the material manifestation of what you receive (effect).

Takeaway: You can help minimize the occurrence of negative effects in your life, by knowing the ways in which your thoughts, words and actions produce outcomes, and by placing your intent on controlling the cause.


As above, so below; as within, so without. Everything is made of the same components. All is one, and like attracts like. In studying the greatest depths of the cosmos, we can learn about the depths of human being, down to the tiniest vibrating atom.

Takeaway: Everything is related. You are not separate from anything. Your consciousness is part of the continuous, living stream of energy that makes up the universe.


All is mind. The universe is a living mind. Your human living mind is a duplicate of the living mind of the universe. Everything is a mental manifestation of All That Is, the Creator force of the universe. Energy, power and matter are all created in the mind.

Takeaway: Everything is of the great cosmic mind, including you. You can use your own mind— which is a mirror of the cosmic mind—to steer your reality to manifest positive experiences.


Like the tides of the ocean, all things rise and fall. Nothing remains in a constant state, but works according to action and reaction, ebbing and flowing in perfect, natural rhythm. From the universe, to the world, to the weather, to all matter, and mental creations—all are under the influence of the pendulum forever swinging in two directions.

Takeaway: Greater forces are at work in the nature of life and all things; ebb and flow is a natural state for all life and creation. In recognizing this, you can arrive at a place of acceptance and neutrality when you experience inevitable change.


Gender – The complement of masculine and feminine energy—is inherent in all of creation. Regardless of whether you are a man or woman, both of these energies are within you. Neither supersedes the other, and both are required to achieve wholeness.

Takeaway: The essence that is you is made up of masculine and feminine energies. Mentally recognizing and working to balance these energies in the physical reality can help you achieve a greater wholeness in your being.

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