When you say no to what does not serve, you free your time, energy and resources to unlock new, fulfilling depths of personal discovery

For many of us, the source of our self-worth is out of balance: we rely too much on others’ acceptance or validation and not enough on first filling our cup within ourselves, by ourselves. Caring about or being there for someone in need is a loving, enjoyable and important part of how we connect to others. It’s productive if you long to be of service and want to help from your heart; it’s not productive if you show up because you think you have to, are afraid to say no, are worried of what others will say if you don’t, or are boosting your ego by knowing or saying you did. Let’s take a look at what happens when you start saying NO:

  • You say YES to yourself. Less time people-pleasing and taking on unnecessary responsibility for the safety, health, well-being, happiness or finances of other adults who are not choosing to take responsibility for themselves means more time for you to discover your happy place and stay there. If everyone on Earth was in their happy place inside instead of seeking it outside, we would escalate to the higher dimensions instantaneously.
  • You gain time and energy. When you’re not draining your energy doing things you don’t want to do, you are left with free time to spend in ways that lift your spirit. When you come from a lifted place inside, you have elevated outer experiences and you automatically lift others.
  • You free yourself. Without ties to a false sense of expectation and obligation, you rise into a greater state of personal freedom that feels open and generous. Everything that does not resonate with who you are, vanishes, leaving only those ways of doing, thinking and being that feel harmonious.
  • You help others free themselves. When you have the courage to step into your own desires, and to stand up for yourself with grace and kindness, you model behavior for others to do the same. Whether it’s speaking your mind or choosing to forego social events that you don’t enjoy, you can choose to do whatever you would like. You make the rules!
  • You become the author of your life. By choosing to only engage in what truly lights you up, you fast-forward your ability to script the life you dream of instead of one lived to please others.
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