Twin flame relationships have a higher purpose: they are designed to enable deep individual healing and spiritual growth, while modeling the unconditional love that paves the way for unity consciousness

Twin flames are thought to be two halves of the same soul energy. Meeting your twin sparks an undeniable recognition that is equaled by no other life relationship and cannot be described in common terms. This pair has shared a soul connection across many lifetimes and is bonded at the deepest levels of consciousness. In the current lifetime, they have agreed to meet each other to assist in their personal ascension and to play a leadership role in the collective planetary ascension. It’s a meaningful and challenging agreement that can also be one of the most rewarding and beautiful partnership experiences, as each learns to unfold into and eventually model the highest form of human expression: unconditional love. This unconditional love begins with acceptance and love of the self.

Having grown up with oddly parallel life experiences and attributes (like shared birthdays, astrological signs, and preferences) they often also share a common core wound. This wound may have developed in early childhood, and can be rooted in a deep emotional lack of something necessary for physical and emotional survival: love, affection, nurturing, safety, protection. As each grew up, unaware of the other, the common emotional wound served as a shared template for how they each made sense of themselves and relationships. Etched into the subconscious, the wounded place became their point of reference over time, minimizing their ability to connect and bond into healthy relationships with others. The wound may have caused them to retreat in life and develop masks or a false persona that would hide the hurt and protect them from feeling the stab of original pain.

When they meet, each twin helps the other surface the pain by exhibiting behavior that agitates the wound and mirrors the painful programming. On a higher level, this dynamic helps them to grow, though it doesn’t feel that way. The mirroring, agitation and triggering is often conflict-oriented, messy and painful, as each wants to avoid, ignore and hide this common inner pain. Each wants to keep the mask held high for fear that the other will see the vulnerable, soft and tender side. Each seeks to avoid their original pain of feeling rejected, unimportant, or unloved. Yet, in spite of the difficulty and intensity of this conflict, each continues to be drawn to the other like moth to flame.

This pattern cycles over time, as one pursues, one retreats, and vice versa, for as long as it takes to break the façade of illusion and return to unconditional love. When one or both twins finally stops resisting and chooses to look within instead of outside of themselves, there is a surrender. Their once-closed hearts crack open so that light can shine in. This surrender activates something inside of their spiritual blueprint, and they begin to awaken to their full potential. As they heal emotional wounding, they begin to embrace self-love and learn how to co-exist in a state of love with another. While the pairing presents the opportunity for accelerated individual ascension, it is not guaranteed that the twins are destined to become a couple.

Twin flame relationships heal and expose illusion in the old model of love and partnership at the individual level, creating the framework for 5D consciousness at the collective level. Having done the hard work of facing their demons and integrating their shadow sides, each embraces a stronger, spiritually grounded approach to self/other love and partnership that enables them to energetically lead the ascension process, even when they are not doing direct ascension work. Meanwhile, because of the long and difficult road they have walked together to heal their wounds, they develop a resounding and unshakable bond, free of third-dimensional restrictions, expectations and ideas. As they learn to love themselves and another unconditionally, they model the frequency of love everywhere they go, serving as living beacons for the vibration of 5D consciousness.

Remember, the feminine and masculine energies are embodied in different ways in outward society and within us. The twin flame dynamic is not necessarily about healing these energies so that a couple can live happily ever after. That’s the illusion of the Walt Disney paradigm. Instead, it is designed to help each individual activate his or her spiritual consciousness through challenging lessons, regardless of the real-world relationship outcome. It is designed for individuals to become one, whether that involves the other person or not!

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