At the soul level, you have agreed to undergo a deep healing journey that will transform your life and usher in the New Paradigm

  1. You are an advanced being, seeded from the stars and incarnated on Earth at this time to assist in ascension.
  2. Part of the mission of your incarnation in this lifetime is to participate with beings like you in a collective project designed to dismantle distorted paradigms and disempowering masculine/feminine energies that have permeated humanity as part of the patriarchal construct. The divine feminine is rebirthing the spiritually-aligned and fully empowered female goddess energetic template back into humanity, and healing the collective patriarchal wound of shame and unworthiness. The divine masculine is rebirthing the spiritually-aligned masculine template and healing the collective patriarchal wound of distorted ego. Because Earth has been governed by a distorted paradigm in which men are perceived as powerful and women are perceived as powerless, the feminine energy is rising up and regaining energetic equality, while the masculine is exchanging ego for the power of the spiritual heart. Read: Distorted and Awakened Energies
  3. The feminine energy is the creative life force in the universe, and as such, initiates the change. By doing your personal work to release and heal the illusion of disempowerment that you were taught through cultural, familial and generational programming and conditioning, you free yourself to become who you were meant to be. Then you express from this place of high vibrational being—free from all limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs—and rise to your goddess birthright. This goddess is who you have always been on the inside, only now, you are also her through your outer expression.
  4. You are using the events of this current lifetime to rescript the energetic patterns in your past/parallel lives which may have included abuse, persecution, subservience, self-sacrifice, unworthiness, silence, suppression, over-giving and self-sabotage. Read: Stop Being Who You Are Not
  5. When you rewrite the template for yourself, you rewrite the template for all women, and you open the door to freedom, sovereignty, equality, and empowerment, which will accelerate the arrival of a higher collective reality.
  6. Through your work, you will set a new precedent in self-love, as you do the hard work of emotional clearing and purging to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of the patriarchy and the past.
  7. Because of this mission, you lead through your own healing. Even if you don’t lead others outwardly, you move and influence the collective on a vibrational level, where much of your work takes place.
  8. The divine masculine embodies equally distorted masculine energy, and is your counterpart in fulfilling the mission of this work. You have likely shared many lifetimes and experiences with your masculine throughout your Earth incarnations. Together, you are bound in a soul contract to bring individual and collective wounding to the surface for acknowledgement, release and healing. Read: Twin Flame Soul Contract
  9. Through the twists and turns of your tumultuous relationship, you are healing each other and the world. Be patient and keep your heart and mind open: your work together does not look or feel like any relationship you’ve been in, does not adhere to the same principles as perceived “healthy” relationships, and may not have an outcome of togetherness. In spite of how you are treated, you will keep going back until you have learned the necessary lessons to fulfill your mission and contract. Read: Divine Will vs. Free Will
  10. You have one foot in the old and one foot in the new. Keep persevering! You are anchoring higher level frequencies onto the physical Earth. There is nothing that can break you. There is nothing you cannot handle. With each perceived painful milestone or defeat, you are chipping away at the false and distorted template, and shining more brightly as you stand in the light of your own power. Read: Amplify Your Power
  11. Be kind to yourself and let all that does not serve fall away. Become your sole source for love, reassurance, validation and worth. Everything you need is already inside of you.
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